Plan-B Online Training

You can continue to gain access to the very successful online programme of classes that has been running throughout the lockdown period. Due to its popularity and the need for flexibility with working out during this time, this online platform will continue alongside the opening of Basecamp Gym & Studio. Some classes are streamed online at the same time as the outdoor sessions currently running at Basecamp and some are solely online via the private Facebook group ‘Plan-B@Basecamp’

Online via Facebook
Zoom & FB Live workouts
Pre-recorded workouts
Written workouts, Weights training programme Group support
No commitment
For info call or text Danni 07800973854

Since we were put into lockdown we needed to ensure we could still engage with our members to keep them as fit and healthy as possible during these uncertain times. When the doors to the gym were not allowed to open to the public we needed a back up plan, and that’s where Plan-B came from. Now 3 months later we have found we can work via our Facebook group and on Zoom to keep many of our members entertained and fighting fit. Many have said it’s been a life/sanity saver and some have found they are getting to do more now than they ever were, as now they can work at home. So, Plan-B will continue alongside our timetable. Currently we can only be outdoors but in time we will be able to get back to the studio, gym and spin classes.

Online Nutrition

The return of the Fatburner… 2020 edition. After 8 years of starting the Fatburner nutrition programme, Danni has bought it back to ease us all out of lockdown and it has been a huge success. The group continues and you can join now too.

£20 for your first 14 days, then either £20 per month or £7.50 weekly drop in. There is a shopping list, introductory document and daily notes for your 1st 14 days. The programme includes workout links for classes ranging from Pilates to High Intensity Interval Training. Access to Zoom workouts live online. Group support, motivation, accountability and questions answered. Interesting articles to help understand what you are doing and why. If you have any questions please contact Danni here or if you want to go ahead and sign up, here’s the link.

“Through lockdown I was eating everything and anything, snacking all day on biscuits and chocolate and overall crap. I was 2 stone heavier than I was this time last year. Thanks to Danni at Basecamp I have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks. That’s no real exercise, No ‘weightloss’ products, no fads, no calorie counting. Purely just healthy fresh foods and having a completely healthy new diet, which I feel a lot better for”


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