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You can access the KSFL programmes with Danni online so you can follow the Kick Start Fat Loss Lifestyle ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! 

Becca & Steve run the KSFL Club at High Aerial Studio in Shrewsbury Thursday 7.30 - 8.30pm 

To get more information please contact Danni at info@basecamp-ellesmere.com


Live Kick Start with Danni - Join the KSFL Nutrition Hub.  Please contact Danni if you have questions or take a look at KSFL ONLINE

Live Kick Start Fat Loss Club, Shrewsbury: Please contact Becca & Steve for details

Intrigued about what will be on the menu? You can download your FREE Detox Recipe Booklet HERE

What is KSFL?

Kick Start Fat Loss™ in a Nutshell

Kick Start Fat Loss™ (KSFL ®) is a way of life, a lifestyle that is very simple to adopt, has numerous benefits, and that gets consistent, sustainable results! KSFL is not about being on or off a diet – the primary goal of KSFL is to educate & empower our clients with all the latest updates and research about fat loss, nutrition & exercise so that they can achieve optimum well being through improving nutrition, health & fitness

There is an initial detox which can be quite challenging as you are eliminating all those nasties that your body has been consuming for a long time & this can initially affect your energy levels, your mood and just how you feel in general. BUT.... once your body adjusts which can take varying times for different people you WILL start to reap the benefits of which there are many:

KSFL Online

Kick Start Fat Loss with Danni ONLINE consists of access to a private facebook group where you will receive a daily note with nutritional advice for the day, online workouts, support, recipe & meal planner ideas, shopping list, articles, education of the what & whys and details of how to access the main KSFL Members website for further workouts and information. With this there is also a live fitness session in Ellesmere Tuesdays at 5.45 - 6.15pm to attend if you wish to meet with fellow Kick Starters and get a live workout with Danni.  If you are local to Shrewsbury you can come and attend one of the early morning Bootcamp sessions.  If you are not local then you can get a 15% discount on one of the KSFL workout DVD's if you want more choice.

Currently Danni runs ALL her KSFL programmes online via Facebook but there are options to go direct to the KSFL website if you don't use Facebook.  This brings all the benefits of the KSFL programmes from the full 28 Day Elimination Plan to the 5 Day Quick Detox.  Some programmes have start dates so you can work with others on the supportive Facebook group and other programmes allow you to start at any time, following a pre-prepared plan on the KSFL website.  For more information please take a look at the  KSFL Online details


Kick Start Slim is run by James on a Thursday night, 7.30 - 8.15pm at Lakelands School, Ellesmere. He has chosen to do this session as a nutrition only session to encourage anybody to come along - we have many classes on at Basecamp that people can attend but we found there were some people who wanted to really just discuss the nutrition element.  James takes time to listen and talk with the group, he prepares information to present and will often base this on something somebody has asked him. It's very informal, there is the opportunity to weigh weekly if that works for you, included in this package is the opportunity to attend one of the Kick Start Fitness Classes at Basecamp Tuesday 5.45 - 6.15pm or Saturday 9.45 - 10.15am.  You will also receive a detox booklet to get you going and opportunity to purchase the KSFL Recipe Books at reduced price.  There is access to a facebook group for ongoing support if you wish to use it where members regularly share recipes and support each other.

In Shrewsbury, Becca and Steve run a combined session where they do a short talk/discussion and follow it up with an exercise session too. All sessions are multi level so everybody can participate.  This is also on a Thursday at 7.30pm.

KSFL Nutrition

Kick Start Fat Loss focuses on basic ingredients, we advocate putting your own meals together as much as possible and ditching packaged food. This ensures that you are not eating processed, packaged food, cereals, breads or "low fat" food that contains hidden sugars, additives and preservatives. KSFL™ encourages cooking meals from scratch using good quality ingredients & it doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. With a little planning you can come home to prepared, nutritious, fat burning food that is low cost and take healthy food with you when you are on the go – investing in a slow cooker is a must!

You are provided with a shopping list on which there are loads of foods including meats, fish, vegetables, eggs, and low sugar fruits. For vegetarians there are additional options. You will be eating a clean diet for 14 -28 days then introduce a cheat meal where you can eat, and drink anything you like. It is extremely simple to follow and very straightforward. It is NOT a no carb lifestyle plan - there are plenty of carbs but ... they are of the good, healthy variety and, if you eat enough of them, your energy levels will be absolutely fine - remember vegetables and fruit are carbs too!!!

By doing the programme online you have the benefit of access to the group 24/7, Danni can respond to questions at any time of the day rather than just a weekly catch up, so when you need the help the most Danni or other group members are there to support you.  Comunication via the group can help to plan your meals and to exchange recipe ideas so you feel confident and well prepared. There are lots of recipe ideas provided for you and then when you do start to feel more confident you can start creating your own & add these to the list.

KSFL will teach you exactly how to do this and how your body’s sugar levels and hormones play a huge part in your fat loss journey.

KSFL Exercise

Each KSFL programme includes excercise with various options for differing abilities and if you have specific considerations, Danni will be able to advise.   Workouts are led by Danni via a youtube video, so you can workout at home with her.  The format is generally interval training i.e. it could be a full body set of 10 exercises, you perform an exercise for 40/45 seconds then you have a 15/20 second rest. The beauty of this style of workout is there are no complicated moves or choreography & there are modifications for all fitness levels, so it’s suitable for different abilities. All you need to wear is loose comfy clothing, a sports bra and trainers - pyjamas and bare feet not advisable! On occasions there may be a more ‘health’ based workout, which may comprise of Pilates or a low impact workout and other times a higher intensity, heart pumping style workout.  You will also have access to numerous workout videos with creator, Rachel Holmes, through the main KSFL website.

KSFL in Practice

Phase 1 - Detox

Initially you start with 28 days which is the time when you do the elimination OR full detox in order to optimise the fat burning process and achieve all the benefits listed previously. In order to achieve the maximum benefits of doing the detox we ask that you stay as much as possible to it for at least 14 days and preferably for 28 days. You can introduce a cheat meal at 14 days, which you can repeat at days 21 and 28 or thereabouts depending upon if you have a night out planned, a special celebration and so on, or you can wait until you get to 28 days to have your first cheat meal. In Elimination the rules are a little more relaxed and focus more on health and achieving a little at a time rather than big losses.

Phase 2 –Continuation

Having completed the 28 days you then move into the Continuation phase, whether you have achieved your goal or not, Continuation allows you to work on reintroducing certain foods and seeing how they react with you. 28 Days of the first phase is not long enough to build up an intolerance to a food BUT it is long enough to cleanse the body and uncover a truth of an intolerance when a food is re-introduced. Some find this process a little confusing but the support of a group helps achieve. Some find it more suitable to continue on detox ‘rules’ but with an added weekly cheat meal until goal has been achieved. It’s all about finding a balance and discovering what works for you as an individual which is where, on KSFL, we will help and guide you through the minefield of information that exists to ensure that you are doing what is right for you.

This is a CRUCIAL stage of KSFL ensuring your results on detox/elimination are increased and your new eating habits are enforced plus, understanding how to add in your favourite foods and cheat meals. There is a method to adding in foods correctly after detox to ensure the weight doesn't creep back on and you continue to lose body fat and inches.

PHASE 3 – Maintenance and Lifestyle

Once your goal has been achieved you will want to maintain what you have achieved! By continuing with the group or online approach you will consistently have support of others and be able to support others too. There are 3 different methods to ensure your weight loss, inch loss and fat loss are maintained for life. Living the Kick Start Fat Loss lifestyle means you can eat and drink your favourite foods, create clean substitutes and never miss out on a celebration, party, night out, meal out. On Phase 3 we show you exactly how to cycle your carbs, balance your hormones, cook clean alternatives, choose the right dairy products, and bake clean cakes and desserts.