You can access the BALANCE nutrition programme with Danni online so you can follow a healthy lifestyle ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! 

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7 Day Online Programme - Start Anytime



This programme is designed to get your arse in gear and regain control at any point of the year to suit YOU.... Post Christmas and New Year? Pre-Holiday, Post-Holiday, maybe you have a big event coming up? Or do you just want to feel in control and better about yourself? 

Life can throw you off your plan and the trick is to regain 'normality' after some time out.   We are all striving for balance! 

So, it's 2020, it's time to regain control

7 days of info to get you started and that is all you need BUT you get to stay on the group for the whole of 2020 whether you join in January or if you join in September - the group and the ability to be accountable is how you adhere to it

For some it's the paying of money makes you commit - well I'm giving you a choice..

A) sign up now for £15 and that is it, you're in for the whole of 2020


B) anytime you want to sign up you sign up again -  you wont have left the group but if paying £15 each time gives you a boost and helps you commit to it, then do it! Some people might want to do regularly as a commitment, please feel free to...I wont complain, I'll just give you an extra push ;-) 

... now you're probably thinking what is Danni on - why would I pay again if I don't have to??!!!  Well, there is a huge correlation with the action of signing up and making a payment with being committed to something, you are more likely to do what is required if you have a financial link to it.  If that is how it works for you then re-sign up, re-follow the 7 days as you wish! 

How it works..

A Facebook group called 'BALANCE... EAT.MOVE.LIVE' is now OPEN and up and running with people posting, chatting, being accountable and winning already. The 7 Days of info will be fully available by Monday 6th January.

Feel free to say hello, tell me why you are there and what you want to achieve

Interact with the group as you please - we can all push each other

Share your food ideas, meal pictures - your food WILL inspire somebody else to make sure they eat well

You can tell the group when you've exercised - be it a walk or a run, a full night in the gym or a 10 min workout at home. You doing your workout WILL inspire somebody else to do theirs

Please share funny memes & motivational quotes - we all love a good meme or quote

ZERO pictures of booze or shit food because you caved - nobody wants to see that!

Obviously you don't have to post at all - maybe that's how you are motivated.  Much like the payment thing, up to you, but you know we are there to support and help when you need it, sometimes just watching others keeps you going

YOU CAN HAVE COFFEE... in fact you can have anything BUT just be mindful, be balanced, be healthy as possible and if you can get into it track your food on My Fitness Pal.

In the 'files' within the group...

Shopping list of ideal foods & foods to avoid

7 days of info

Workout video archive

How to track Macros (carbs/fats/proteins)

Over the months there will also be details of meals with how much fat/carb/protein content there is in them

Although the focus is on eating right and moving, my main objective is to keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.

I will be hopping on the group LIVE on occasions- it might be a chat, a workout or just me rambling

I will post some 10 min 'at home' workouts for those that don't go to a gym or just want a bit extra

If anybody does My Fitness Pal tracking, I will work out your calories/macros too

So all that's left to do, if you are still reading, is to sign up

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7 Day online programme, any time sign up