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21 Day Online Programme - Monday 4th November 2019


Party season is COMING!!  This time of year often leads to a little more indulgence than we really needed. Are you ready to Shred it...for the party season?

This programme is designed to get your arse in to gear and regain control. Did you start 2019 with all good intentions, have great success but gradually lose that motivation to keep at your healthy nutrition?  Let's finish 2019 as good as we started!

Very often a holiday, birthdays or a bank holiday weekend can throw you off your plan and the trick is to regain 'normality' after some time out.

So, we are almost into 2020, it's time to regain control so we don't waste all the success we've had!

Just like I did in January....Mrs DO IT OR DON'T DANNI is BACK!

NO excuses, NO... 'but can't i just have this?' NO NO NO.. there are some of you out there that given an inch will take a mile and it WONT WORK

Are you are IN or you are OUT?


3 weeks of commitment COULD change your focus forever, or at least make you more mindful when on holiday and there will always be challenges that throw you off your path to your goals but hopping on a group and programme will help get you back on track and when all the will power starts to drop, the group are there to help!

So, how it works..

A Facebook group will open up Wednesday 30th October and I'll add you to it

You say hello, tell me why you are there and what you want to achieve

You interact with the group - we all push each other

You share your food ideas, meal pictures - your food WILL inspire somebody else to make sure they eat well

You tell the group when you've exercised - be it a walk or a full night in the gym or a 10 min workout at home. You doing your workout WILL inspire somebody else to do theirs

Please share funny memes & motivational quotes - we all love a good meme or quote

ZERO pictures of booze or shit food because you caved - nobody wants to see that!


In the 'files' within the group there will be shopping list of ideal foods

A daily note will be posted the night before so you can read up

There will also be details of meals with how much fat/carb/protein content there is in them

An additional 'Strict Regime' list will be in the files for those who know they need it.

Although the focus is on eating right and moving, my main objective is to keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.

I will be hopping on the group LIVE on occasions- it might be a chat, a workout or just me rambling

I will post some 10 min 'at home' workouts for those that don't go to a gym or just want a bit extra

If anybody does My Fitness Pal tracking, I will work out your calories/macros too

So all that's left to do, if you are still reading, is to sign up

Basecamp Gym members 1/3rd off

Basecamp Premium members FREE


Online programme 4th -24th November 2019