Gym/Training at Basecamp


The Fitness Centre comprises of 3 main training areas…The gym floor, the cardio mezzanine and the studio, we also make good use of the outdoors area. We have a toilet facility with good space to change within, but no shower or changing rooms.

The gym area comprises of multi gym resistance machines:

Lat pull Down, Seated Row, Tricep Pushdown, multi pulley x 2 with cable cross over and leg extensions and pec deck combo.

Free Weights/Functional Training:

Olympic Bars – male 20kg & female15kg, Weights plates from 0.5kg to 25kg plates. Power Rack, Squat Racks, Olympic Rings, Climbing rope, tyres, benches, medicine balls, sandbags,weighted bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, battling rope, logs, barrels, yolk and strong man lift

The Cardio Mezzanine area comprises:

2 x Treadmills, 2 x Rowers, 1 x cross trainer, 1 x recline bike, 1 x Upper body bike (Crank) and downstairs a Concept 2 rower and an Assault Air Bike

Also on the this floor are 11 x matrix spin bikes for the Group Indoor Cycling classes and can be used when classes are not in progress

The Studio comprises:

7 x 10m area for all classes and small equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells, Antigravity Hammocks, Steps and ballet barre for our Barrefitness class.

Training at Basecamp

Converted from an Industrial storage unit, Basecamp is NOT a plush, luxurious club offering all the thrills & spills... it is a work in progress but a functional, comfortable area to train in. Our focus is on offering you a quality time and training experience. We want to offer our expertise to help you achieve your goals. James, when not booked into classes or one to one sessions will be available to assist you in your training in the gym, he can offer nutritional advice and help you devise a suitable training plan. We are on hand to push you through some training if you lack motivation.  We are also available to be booked for personal training, most of all we just want to be there to welcome you and help you.

At Basecamp we will ALWAYS offer pay as you go classes. We believe in flexibility and being family people ourselves we know what it is like with little ones, or when work gets in the way of the best laid plans. So, all classes and attending the gym can be done as a pay by cash on the door or with regards to the spinning, AntiGravity or Pole classes you need to book online and pay in advance of the class. If online poses a problem please contact us.

We have limited bikes/hammocks, so early booking is advised, sessions are available for 4 weeks in advance to book at the start of each month. Notices will be announced in class, at reception and on facebook & the website.

We will also have membership options for those who want more access to the facility at a lesser cost.

Entry costs

£5.50 Class / Gym entry

£6.50 Spin/Antigravity/Pole/Pilates

£4 Teen entry

£5 student (college+)

£30 Gym membership

£38.50 Gym/gym classes

£38.50 Studio classes

£50 Combined studio/gym classes/gym use

£20 Teen (school age) month membership

£25 Student (college+)/ 60+gym membership

£33.50 Student (college+)/ 60+ classes/gym

If you wish to book Spin or AntiGravity discounts apply to those who have taken out a membership.

As a gym OR a Studio member you can get a 25% discount.

If you are a Combined member you can get a 50% discount. Once you are a member you must register to the website and ensure we know so tht you can be set at the user level for the discount you are entitled to.

*please note evidence must be presented at time of application, or if paying online please ensure you have your student ID available to receive your reduced rate entry. Entry will be refused without it. if your circumstances change, i.e. you are no longer a student please keep us informed so we can put you on the correct tariff, we have the right to spot check student status at any time.

Basecamp Health & Fitness Centre offers a month by month membership, pay as you go or longer memberships of 6 or 12 months. You are NOT bound into a membership for any longer than the time frame you have chosen.

You can purchase your membership online here and will start from the date you are first booked in to Basecamp.

Purchases made in club & standing orders commence the date of purchase.

There are no refunds available, by committing to a long term membership you receive a discounted product but at your own risk.

Pay as you go is always available and the booking for Spin and AntiGravity are online.

Members can book other classes IN CLUB or via facebook to Danni or text James on 07800 973854