At Basecamp we aim to provide classes for all levels and abilities, if you are unsure what class would suit you best contact us and we’ll be happy to advise to help you start your journey


Aerobics Good old fashioned aerobics, freestyle choreography and pumping tunes!
BodySHOCK!45 minutes of heart pumping, basic aerobic work in time to music. We create a short routine of high intensity intervals and rest moves
Step The more you get stepping the more advanced options you can choose... it gets hot and sweaty and you will feel the burn, great for toning thighs and getting a great cardio workout too!
Bums & Tums Heart pumping and thigh burning workout, great tunes and deep moves…the squat is your friend in this class!
Step HIIT 30 minutes of simple but high intensity step moves, with HIIT intervals for maximum fat burning
TONE A fantastic studio based resistance class using dumbbells and kettlebells working on muscle tone
Total Tone Ladies only more gentle approach to exercising but utilising weights and body weight to ensure a full body workout is achieved and your fitness is challenged and as you get stronger the class evolves to allow progression
Metabolic Effect The ultimate studio based resistance class using challenging dumbbells
Hardcore HIIT Have you heard of Insanity?? This is Basecamp’s answer…and a totally INSANE version – fast and furious, body weight only work out – be prepared to get sweaty
Pilates A session that works on engaging the core muscles that support your spine. Using slow controlled sequences of moves to challenge strengthen and lengthen the muscles. Suitable for beginners
Barreflow A fusion of the positions & techniques of ballet, the principles & precision of Pilates, topped off with the strengths of conditioning. This combination gives a challenging workout which strengthens & lengthens the muscles & so sculpts the body also burning fat as an added bonus!! You do not need ballet experience.
Balls n Bands

A pilates based class utilising stability balls and bands

High Intensity class - not for the feint hearted.  Fat burning class complimentary to the Kick Start Fat Loss nutrition programme


GX Circuits/Blast/Abs Half hour is ALL you need, a short sharp intense session using medicine balls, weights, kettlebells and body weight
PowerHour ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH?!! The ultimate class of strength, power and brute strength
PowerX Learn AND achieve in weights. This is a Strength & Conditioning workout focussing on technique and performance
Teen Gym Getting the kids involved, secondary school age kids can come and do sessions in the gym based on the adults sets


Pure Spin A 60 minute endurance ride, working on pushing your pace to your limits
Spin A 45 minute session using varied music, intervals and rhythms – hill climbs, sprints, steady flat roads all mixed in for an exciting ride
Spin & Tone Using the bike for high intensity intervals then body weight exercises between bike sets, a hard but achievable and highly metabolic workout for fat burning
Spin2core A half and half workout. 30 mins on the bike, 30 mins in the studio focussing on the abs and core using Pilates based exercises and many others
Met Effect Spin Work until you can’t, rest until you can! Metabolic Spin workout, zero impact yet high intensity and hugely fat burning!


Fitness Flips, tricks, flying, yoga poses, fitness drills, spine decompression all in one session, suits all levels and welcomes newcomers
Restorative Time to relax and streeeetch! The hammock is low to the ground for this session