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In Ellesmere we run a Bespoke option or launching in January 2016 are the Small Group and Transformation Day options.

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Kick Start Fat Loss Club - SHREWSBURY

Becca & Steve run the Kick Start Fat Loss Club in Shrewsbury.  The club will be based at High Studio on a Thursday night at 7.30pm and runs weekly with a Nutrition chat and workout.

This is a nutrition only club where you can learn about nutrition for health and fitness. At Kick Start we want to educate clients into understanding about how foods work with our bodies, how we are all different and that mindset is a major player in getting it right and working for you. Of course we want a result – a weight loss, a fat loss and/or a size loss but ultimately we need our bodies to be healthy – they work very hard at keeping us a live we need to understand what the body is doing and treat it with respect. This won’t get very sciency, but in the best way possible we aim to help you make the BEST choices and realise what processed food and high sugar (low fat) foods are doing to us!

There are no counting calories – they are not all equal. Yes we may need to address portion control but if you are eating good stuff, you can eat and that is the focus – this is about eating well and not restricting amount of food consumed, though naturally your appetite should reduce by removing addictive quantities of sugar.

The format of the Kick Start Club

If you want to be weighed or just use the scales you will be able to do this on arrival. IT IS OPTIONAL. We are all different and the scales and thought of achieving presentation of a certificate will motivate, others may find it too much pressure so we want to be flexible there.

This time will also be an opportunity to come in and chat, grab a cup of something to drink and then take a seat

There will be group discussion, presentation, food tasting and demonstrations over the weeks and a workout

We will celebrate weight loss and inch loss

For full details of Kick Start Fat Loss Phases of Fat Loss please take a look at 'What is KSFL?'

For sign up to the SHREWSBURY KSFL CLUB take a look at their Facebook Page HERE