Plan-B Downloads

Do you want the freedom to click on a workout when it suits you? You can purchase any download in a simple click! Once purchased, I will send you the link and you have this for life, no use by date. Classes are updated weekly so each week it is a new class. When you want something new, just click on a new one. You will also find the most popular downloads in the archives at the bottom of this page along side any masterclasses that I run online.

Keep your interest in fitness going at home, try new styles of exercise with no commitment to a membership and can all be done in the comfort of your own home. Please read the disclaimer which includes full class descriptions before purchase.

Pilates 22/6/20

Stretch & Strengthen


BodyFit 22/6/20

Aerobic moves & conditioning


Low Impact Intervals 23/6/20

Strength no jumping


Freestyle Fitness Yoga 23/6/20

Basic flow & stretch


Ab Attack 25/6/20

Ab & Core toning


Dumbell HIIT 25/6/20

Fitness & Strength using dumbells


Step HIIT 25/6/20

Step Aerobics using intervals with music


Fast and Furious Friday 26/6/20

High intensity intervals, includes impact moves


TONE – dumbells/kettlebell

26/6/20 Studio resistance, using light weights for toning and fitness


Classes are updated weekly, if you’d like something from the archives there’s a selection of the most popular classes here….

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