Some rules to enable us all to get BACK TO BASECAMP 

⭐️If you are unwell you MUST NOT attend Basecamp. If you show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you stay away from the gym.

⭐️If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or gain a positive test and you have recently attended the gym/classes please inform Danni.

⭐️Every class attendance and time spent at the gym must be on a ‘timed booking system’ Please book online at

⭐️In the evenings please park on the road alongside the gym as the car park space is used for outdoor classes

⭐️Please enter via the front door which will be kept OPEN throughout the open hours

⭐️Wash hands or sanitise on entry to the gym – there is hand sanitiser on the way into Basecamp or the toilet can be used for hand washing

⭐️Please be mindful as you move around the gym to allow the 2m social distancing between people.

⭐️You need to wipe down your equipment once finished with the blue roll and cleaning spray provided – these are dotted around the gym, please dispose of tissue in the bins provided.

⭐️Please do not wipe down equipment with your own towel. You can use your own towel on yourself but not equipment.

⭐️Please come to the gym in clothing ready to exercise and leave as you are – the toilet is open but where possible not to be used for changing in.

⭐️We must keep good ventilation in the gym so the big door will be open for any period of time people are booked in the gym.

⭐️If nobody is booked in for certain time periods the gym may not be open so please do not just turn up.

⭐️If possible keep the high intensity – i.e. high breathing rate activities to outside, you can manoeuvre the assault bike, the concept 2 rower and the downstairs spin bike outside.

⭐️Masks must not be worn to exercise in but can be worn at other times if you wish.

My commitment to you – to enforce the above rules, to give as much freedom to you to do as you wish, as long as it is safe and within the guidelines. I will be cleaning – LOTS, which if you know me well enough you know that that is a BIG ONE! Daily floor mopping, frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces – door handles, handrails etc. Provision of blue roll, hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities. Posters & policies to remind you to comply. Once indoor classes resume there will be scheduled breaks between sessions to allow for relevant cleaning. The online system made as easy as possible. Online support and workouts daily to keep you moving!


Thank you 


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