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Hi all

We are on Phase 2 testing!   This is the booking site you need….  click here or type it in to the URL bar or your google search box and Basecamp booking site will pop up.

This is a long one but PLEASE READ IT!   

If you are monthly standing order payer or half yr/annual payer this is easy but there is guidance here for PAYG/Pre-Paid pass users too.

The booking site is updated with more functions and gym sessions are now added from the 27th.  Thank you those who have tested it so far, there are still some little bits to iron out and work out the addition of online book & pay properly but a system is set up, I will need to see how it works. 

I have now added payg prices for our outdoor classes & gym session – set price of £6 (normal discounts will apply to those who have had them before). If you are a member you do not have to pay anything but I am testing out the function of ‘pay later’ to override not needing to pay – it’s a simple click of a button before confirming – detailed below.  This function gives the ability for people to book and pay per class or using a class pass with pre-paid credit or even gift vouchers!

IMPORTANT:  You need to all individually sign up to the booking system for yourself. Parents can do this on behalf of their children, you can put their name in the details but use your email address.   You can have multiple people on one email address, you MUST use a different password per person so when you do customer login you will go to the correct account.  There is the disclaimer to consent to online. All the paper forms that were done at Basecamp will be void and we must have electronic form captured and I am now working on the Health Questionnaire.  The online booking system is part of the track and trace evidence should I need it.

MONTHLY PAYING MEMBERS – online/standing order/bank transfer or cash payers: please skip to ‘Booking System’ guidelines below.
PAY AS YOU GO – with online payment method – see ‘Session passes’
CASH PAYERS – PAYG see note in ‘Booking System’ re: leaving a note and click pay later
*Yet to sort… those who pay LESS per session on PAYG basis, options will be to pay cash at gym and we will have discussed your payment amount.  So, book online and click ‘pay later’ applies.
Also, those who want to pre-pay a session pass but are a 18+ Student or are 60+ and pay slightly reduced fee.    I think this is where a voucher code will work – please bear with me.  For now, please pay cash at gym and check out online with ‘Pay later’

If you’d like to be a monthly paying member you can either purchase a membership from the website or you can send a BACS payment to our account on your renewal date OR you can set up a standing order on your online banking and not have to worry about remembering, a standing order is controlled by you, you can cancel at any time. Please have the curtesy to inform me if cancelling so I can adjust my information.

Fitness2improve Ltd
52 41 16

Please let me know if you choose to do this.

You can buy a 1, 4 or 8 session pass. This applies to each ENTRY to the gym or per class, not per 30 min session you need to book gym users. i.e if you book 3 x 30 min slots Monday morning you pay 1 x £6.NOT for each 30 min block (details below on this)

  1. Go to and click on ‘session pass’ tab  or  if already signed up to site please sign in via ‘customer’ tab
  2. Enter email address and password
  3. You will be on a page that tells you your bookings, it will show you your passes – click on ‘VIEW’ next to PASS.   (Above this you can View your current bookings)
  4. On the PASS page it will tell you how many sessions are remaining and you can click on ‘BOOK YOUR SESSION’ follow booking through selecting the type of session you want, date and select time and agree to booking terms as per the booking system guidance below
  5. If you have already booked the date/time/session it will flag up that you are already booked
  6. When you confirm your booking and select to use your pass you will be taken to a page where it confirms your day/time of booking and your remaining sessions.
  7. The ‘Pay Later’ option must only be used if you are booking subsequent 30 min slots and therefore do not need to pay any more.    
  8. If you need to complete your disclaimer and Health questionnaire forms it will flag this up.  They will be emailed to you on your first booking.
  9. You’re done!


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Book Your Session and choose the class/gym session category, click NEXT
  3. Select the day/date (you can book approx. 4-6 weeks in advance)
  4. Choose the class time or gym session time.  Gym sessions currently set at 30 min intervals, you are welcome to book more than one, this is just for flexibility for different uses. 
  5. You are then sent to the customer page to add your email.  New users will be sent to page to add name/mobile etc.  Previous subscribers will be able to select their name
  6. You are then taken to the Booking Terms – check the box
  7. Then this is important – if you pay a monthly membership please tick ‘PAY LATER’ you can ignore any message/email if you receive one to make payment
  8. If you want to pay cash at the gym please make a quick note in the box – ‘will pay cash’ and bring money to gym and the click ‘PAY LATER’   If you want to pay on line you can follow the ‘Session Passes’ info.
  9. If you are making your first booking on completion you will be told that you are being sent an email to consent to the disclaimer form and complete the health questionnaire.  Please do this immediately, it is a one-time only thing and you won’t be asked again.  Once completed you are free to exercise at Basecamp Gym & Studio. You will be sent a copy of this as will I where I can secure forms securely on a password protected storage on my laptop.

If you have any problems please do message me. These things will ALWAYS have little errors whether they are human error or technical.  Let me know as this is the way I need to continue forward with bookings. There is no option to just turn up as we are running on restricted numbers.
NEXT WEEK 20th July…
Outdoor classes are online to book as they have been – See ‘Booking System’
You can book GYM ACCESS from 27th July.  Outdoor classes are already up and running.  I am filtering things in slowly to test it out and manage my time taking into account that it is also the summer holidays and kids are off.

IMPORTANT:  Although you may not know how long you will want to be in the gym, I’m sure you’ll have a rough idea. Please book the number of 30 min slots you will need. There is no cap on this but it is to ensure that I am only ever at 25 people in the gym as that is my max capacity based on government restrictions.     As these restrictions ease and I don’t have to stick to strict numbers I will adapt the booking system to simply reflect a booking in time so I….  A) know who is due in and B) I have records for track and trace.

Please follow the Booking System Guidelines above.
I look forward to seeing you!!

Please go ahead and get booking, if you have questions please email to or text/whatsapp message to 07800973854 or via messenger.
I am off this weekend with family visiting but I will get back to you on Monday, if not before.
Many thanks
Health & Happiness
Danni x

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