Gym hours are coming!

Risk assessment is done, policies are being being written up and posters printed. I want to open the gym so certain things have to be done to make it safe and an enjoyable, stress free experience. Many of you come to the gym to de-stress so i’m not going to let a whole load of rules and regs spoil your experience. I’m keeping things simple and in the next few days I will email out all the details of how to book, what forms you will have to have signed before coming into the gym, including a Covid-19 disclaimer and an updated health questionnaire. We will no longer be using pen and paper it will all be done electronically which you can access via phone, tablet or desktop. So if you are reading this you will be able to book your gym space and sign your forms. Gym hours will be limited to start with and i’m currently running a poll on Facebook to find out the best hours for most, these will develop and be flexible as we move forward. Due to the running of the gym now being down to just little old me we will all need to be adaptable and flexible. Keep an eye on your emails, info is coming! Danni x

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