Booking App!

We have a booking app up and running, all you need to do to book your outdoor classes and soon to be gym sessions and studio classes, is go to from there you can choose your class and manage your booking. This is currently set at usage by pre-paid members only, i.e. if you have a monthly standing order, pay monthly via bank or website or have along term commitment such as our 6 month/annual. I am working on having this set up with payg options and be able to have a pre-paid credit that can be used against any class/gym session as you wish. This system should save many messages, many lists and save the need for pen and paper within the club. Our aim is to reduce risk of Covid-19 in our facility in line with our risk assessment and we are going online! If you need help understanding this or setting it up please contact me on 07800973854 – call, text or whatsapp. Or via messenger on Facebook. It’s time to embrace the technology! Info on gym hours is coming soon!

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Fit pros with a passion for gettting High on endorphines, building strength, getting fit and helping others get all of that too!

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